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Thread: Bremont light brown vintage strap.

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    Bremont light brown vintage strap.

    Hello folks, I have been wearing my MBII on a Vintage light brown strap for a few weeks now and have observed a couple issues:

    1) Untreated, it is a water spot/mark magnet. Picks up every smudge, dirt and grease.
    2) The edging started to crack open at the lugs from day one and have started to spread.

    I have been told this strap is made to age and distress quickly for that vintage look and feel, what are your thoughts and or experiences?

    Thanks so much!

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    I have also thought about sanding off the edging completely so it could fray a bit but there are no stitches so I'm afraid it will just fall apart..LOL

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    Garrettghu, did you buy the strap new from Bremont (or an AD)? If it's only a few weeks old, it may be worth dropping them an email. The water spots you can't do much about, but the fact that it is already coming apart isn't brilliant.

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    Was from an AD, but I dropped a note to Antonia anyways to see if we can find out what kind of "glue" their strap manufacturer uses. I don't mind re gluing it, I just don't know what kind I should use for leather.

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    I had the same issue with your strap's predecessor, it started coming apart at the seams after I'd been wearing it for some time.

    Contacted Bremont who asked me to send it back to them. On receipt they advised that the strap wasn't "within tolerance" and replaced FOC.

    I'd suggest you do the same rather than try and effect a homebrew repair.

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    I have reached out to Chloe at Bremont, let's see what they can find out.

    Thanks for the advice.

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