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Thread: Lust Fulfilled

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    Lust Fulfilled

    Having spent over 50 years and more than 30,000 hours flying, and only a few months left in my career, I lost all control of my rational self and bought the watch I never thought I would own! Having a small piece of the original Wright Flyer was an opportunity that comes by once in a lifetime! So my friends At ED Marshall had a magnificent example of the stainless model in black that is now on my wrist! I have lived and breathed aviation virtually my whole life and to be able to own this small piece of cloth in this marvelous watch is still hard for me to comprehend! So here she is my own little piece of history that was the birth of aviation, the Wright Flyer! Cheers Jim.
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    Very cool, Captain! It suits you quite well! It only seems right that after a life spent in aviation, that you should have this on your wrist! A big congratulations on such a special piece to add to your awesome collection!

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    So cool! Great looking watch and congrats on your soon to be retirement!
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    Looks good on you. You are the right flyer for the Wright Flyer.

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    Congratulations Jim - I echo Jeremy's comment, a wonderful addition to your collection and a great retirement present to yourself!


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    To me Jim, that makes perfect sense. Once flying is in the blood, you can't shake it!
    Enjoy the watch, and do post more pictures when you get a chance - it's a lovely timepiece, and one we don't see enough of around here!

    Blue skies and tailwinds, Jim.

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    It looks fantastic. Congratulations!


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    Echo the comments of others, fitting and well deserved, congratulations !

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    I don't think I will offend anyone here by saying that there is no one more suited nor more deserving to have the Wright Flyer on this Forum.

    You are an inspiration to us all and it is great to feel that we all, in a small way, know you.

    Enjoy the Wright Flyer, and the next few months until your retirement. Then the fun begins!!


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    The watch looks fantastic Jim! Congratulations, I hope you enjoy it!

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