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Thread: Deployment v buckle

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    IMO the Bremont clasp is incredibly uncomfortable. I bought one and could not wear it.

    Omega make a fantastic deployant clasp.

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    I have a deployment clap on my watch which I use every day. It felt a bit bulky at first but I soon got used to it. I find it fits well and is comfortable to wear. I have had it about six months and both it and the strap show no signs of wear. I guess it is down to personal preference but I definitely prefer it to a buckle.

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    I picked up my Deployment clasp for the MBII recently.

    With the standard buckle on the issued leather strap I was in the half size bracket.
    This bugged me that much that I more the NATO for quite some time.
    Back on with the leather and landed up going the tighter half size option, which was tight, a pain to get on and messing up the strap.

    With the deployment fitted, it fits perfectly.
    It was very uncomfortable to wear at first due the release lugs digging into my wrist.
    I wondered why they were set up on the bottom and not mid height?

    Anyway it's been a good month wearing the Deployment and it now feels great, and fits perfectly.

    So much quicker and as said safer to put on, and I think it compliments the watch.
    I was very worried prior to the purchase, but I'm happy with the decision.
    It will definitely be getting fitted to the new Nubuck when I pick it up.

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    I think it lasted two days before I went back to the buckle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFB Scotland View Post
    IMO the Bremont clasp is incredibly uncomfortable. I bought one and could not wear it.

    Omega make a fantastic deployant clasp.
    Omega does make nice deployment buckles but they aren't doubles, single deployments don't really fit my wrist ideally without custom straps. It's okay but doubles like the Bremont sits spot on the center.

    I am quite anal with buckles and comfort, whats the point of buying a luxury watch and having to buy another strap just to make it fit? for the money, it needs to fit perfectly from the get go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noody View Post
    As I've a 200cm wrist the deployment allows me to wear a regular strap comfortably which I can't on the buckle, a result as Bremont don't make my favourite straps in long..
    That's some wrist👍

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    that might be 200mm!

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