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Thread: New Member.... Spent all the money

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    Great pieces my man, welcome and many congratulations!!

    Go U2 Blue next - would be a cracking' addition to your collection....

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    Congratulations and welcome, both lovely watches Nicks_fun.

    My only advice Nick would be to think big, there are indeed 7 days in a week, but there are 30 days in a month !

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    Indeed or even 365 days in a year ;-)

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    Thanks Jon, there I was advising to think big and I wasn't thinking big enough !

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    You should look for the rarest Bremont ever, the MB2 Selfridges...
    No longer a fan boy...

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    Are the Mil LEs not the rarest and collectable...

    Little is said about the MBII Selfridges, can you expand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicks_fun View Post
    Are the Mil LEs not the rarest and collectable...

    Little is said about the MBII Selfridges, can you expand?
    They have been made in very small numbers, but I know of only 2 other instances where Bremont has made less than 10 watches in a 'run.' Some of the military LE pieces have become very collectable, but they aren't necessarily the rarest by any means.

    The MBII Selfridges was exactly that: an MBII made for Selfridges in London, and available exclusively at their 'Wonder Room.' Bremont made ten watches, that were based on the standard MBII but with a yellow barrel - just like the Selfridges signature yellow.
    What is interesting is I know two of The Watch Gallery staff have the LE, which only leaves 8 'in the wild.'


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    One would argue that the most sought after/collectable and expensive Bremont is the EP-120. 120 made but they don't come up for sale often and when they do they come with a hefty price tag.
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