I've commissioned a bunch of 22mm straps for my Bremont U2 DLC and 28mm for my Raymond Weil Don Giovanni Cosi Grande from stevostraps.

Awesome quality and superb prices.

On his site under the http://www.steveostraps.com/straps-2/top-end-stuff link you can see one of mine called 'Red Sneaker' which I had made in Red with twin lines of white stitching (like a cricket ball), sealed edged and a matching Black PVD buckle (although my Bremont Black DLC buckle also fits). Looks great on my U2 DLC as it picks up on all the little red details. I also had the same made in 28mm for my Raymond Weil.

I've also got his Para strap which is made of vintage brown leather and vintage parachute bag canvas. It's lovely as the leather soon takes on a nice patina and the canvas frays a tad on the edges making it white. Looks fab and very comfy.

His strap wallets are also a total bargain as well. Really nicely made and also include a high quality double ended pin and spring bar removal tool in DLC black which also features screw on ends which protect them and you.

All are massively recommended and a true bargain and to be honest, makes other straps I've got seem stupid money.