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Thread: Photos of all the new Bremonts for 2015!

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    Photos of all the new Bremonts for 2015!

    Bremont Report: JCK 2015

    Join us as we show you all of Bremont's new watches for 2015.

    We'll start with the biggest news of this year: Bremont's partnership with Jaguar has grown from an extremely exclusive limited edition of watches to two different full production models, the MKI and MKII. This is the MKI.

    Obviously, this MKI (as well as the MKII) is closely inspired by the tachometer of the original E-Type--and it's a dead ringer for it.

    Like the Wright Flyer, the MKI uses Bremont's proprietary movement with a very cool Jaguar steering wheel rotor, the latter a feature shared by the MKII as well.

    The MKII is essentially the chronograph variant.

    While the MKI is basically the tachometer from the E-Type, the chronograph best approximates the entire instrument cluster, and a chronograph complication is something that is closely associated with motorsport watches making it a good fit.

    Because it's a chronograph, the MKII will use the Bremont-modified 7750 that is familiar from other Bremont models. While this makes it a little less exotic than the MKI, it's also much more affordable.

    The MKI is the Bremont that stole my heart this year, and were it my money, it'd be the one I'd have. I don't have a British sports car, but if you happen to be such a lucky owner, this would be one of the best watches to accompany it out there.

    Bremont's popular Boeing models from 2014, the Model 1 and Model 247, also received updates this year.

    The new versions are named the Ti-GMT and the principle difference is the addition of a GMT hand. This is the Model 1 Ti-GMT.

    The Model 247 receives a Ti-GMT version as well.

    The other major difference, as you've probably noticed, is that the GMT models are exclusively available in a dark gray dial, splitting the difference between 2014's white and black dials.

    Naturally, they still have the same cool anti-shock mount and decorated movement, albeit with the additional complication.

    The U2 collection saw the addition of a new member for 2015, the U-22. It's an all-gray watch, from the strap to the dial, but more interesting is the opened up date window.

    We were also able to view the new ALT1-ZT, a stealthier addition to the ALT1-Z line of aggressive chronographs.

    The ALT1-ZT is a pretty big departure from the ALT1-Z line--the subdials have much less contrast with the dial, and it trades the Arabic numerals for applied markers--I think it's the best looking and cleanest of the ALT1-Z line right now.

    So it's another great year for Bremont, transitioning away from planes a bit and focusing more on their British heritage generally. I really like the new Jaguar models--like last year's Boeings, Bremont has shown a great interest in more thoughtful collaboration with their partners as opposed to naked marketing tie-ins and the results are really attractive. I wouldn't mind seeing some other English crossover watches in the future.

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    Awesome photos of awesome pieces! Thanks for taking the time to put this together and share with us all

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    Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed the pictures too!


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    You're the man, Dan! Thanks again for sharing!

    For me, the watch of the year is the MKI.

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    Thanks guys. I definitely agree. The Jaguar models are the ones to get this year.

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    Like the Jaguar models.

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    ALT1-ZT is my fave from this lineup. Very clean, no-nonsense design and I like the spacing of the sub-dials. The internal roto-click is a nice useful addition as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaufen View Post
    Very nice! I've taken many photos of the Jaguar collection over the past few weeks and am working on a review to share with the forum soon!

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