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Thread: Barrel Replacement costs?

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    Barrel Replacement costs?

    Hello fellow Bremont owners,

    I was wondering if anyone would have insight to the cost of barrel swaps. I asked Bremont and they have said $350 USD but I have seen posts here from last year quoting $150.

    So question is has prices gone up that much on these barrels?

    I would be happy to do it at $150 but need to think about $350 just a tad more.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    The price in the UK is 155.00 for just the Barrel its 350 for a new case in the UK

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    Thank you! Guess pricing quoted me was including shipping or they're charging us Americans a bit

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    Sorry, I'm not sure about these prices to tell you what they were compared to what they are now.

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