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Thread: A few (more) from Duxford

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    A few (more) from Duxford

    Lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to the Duxford Flying Legends, sponsored by Bremont, from this very Forum! So here are a few shots of the 'planes. I'll also post the P-51 watch shots and my thoughts on it!

    I was relatively happy with about six of the shots I took. I think I ended up taking about 500, of which about 90 have been uploaded to my Flickr account. These are my favourites:

    The Red Bull P-38F (style) Lightning

    Lightning by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    The simply fantastic synchro display from the impeccable P-51 Horsemen (Fragile but Agile in the lead position)

    Precision by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    Two more P-51 in their original role (sadly Big Beautiful Doll ditched following an incident with a Skyraider on the final pass of the day)

    Fortress escort by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    The simply stunning DH-84 Dragon Rapide

    DH-84 Dragon Rapide by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    A pair of Spitfires

    Pair by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    Probably the most beautiful sound of the day came from this Centaurus-powered RNAS Sea Fury

    RNAS Sea Fury by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    Some EP120 shots - just because!

    EP120 on approach by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    EP120 wheels down by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    Is that a bullet hole in the roundel?

    EP120 by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    And a final tribute to Big Beautiful Doll. I'm sure she'll be back in some guise, or another

    BBD in flight by Noodlefish, on Flickr

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    wow amazing shots! you must have packed a decent lens! i must say, my favourite sequences were the mustangs, the old 3 layered world war 1 style plane with the big wheels, which was like watching a kite getting blown about! and the incredible silver beauty of the p-38 - so graceful in the air!

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    Here's the Fokker Dreidecker you liked so much:


    Dreidecker by Noodlefish, on Flickr


    Dreidecker roll by Noodlefish, on Flickr


    Dreidecker righted by Noodlefish, on Flickr

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