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Thread: Post-Basel Alt1tude Competition!

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    For me, it is definitely the Jaguar Mk I. At 14 years old, the first vintage car I ever helped to restore was a gorgeous Jaguar E-Type. I think the minute detail captured on both the front and back of the watch are just outstanding. The steering wheel and center cap are stunning and show true craftsmanship at its finest. My father and uncle are still Jag owners to this day, so it's always been in my blood. I love everything they've released, but yes....the Jag is my watch of choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noody View Post
    Boeing 247 GMT -Ti GMT, I actually had chest pains first time I saw it!

    It's colouring is very similar to the grey tones on the 787 flight deck, and they make for the perfect background to the yellow GMT hand. The Boeing range are all fantastic, but this model looks like it should come with the aircraft.

    It's on my must have list, but given my MB arrived yesterday it'll require some serious black ops to get past my wife.

    I could always pretend I won it!
    Who do you fly for? I'm currently learning to teach the 787 in Crawley.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildrover View Post
    Who do you fly for? I'm currently learning to teach the 787 in Crawley.
    TOM? A friend has just been on the 738 sims down there.

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    I think the U22 bronze is the one for me, I like the day date lay out and grey dial, but the others are all pretty cool, the Boeing 247 Ti GMT comes a close second!

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    The U22 would be my personal fav, it just looks sooo good!

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    Love all of the interest in this competition! Keep em coming!

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    Boeing Model one GMT Ti for me. Clean, easy to read dial, a chunk lighter than a SS watch and the GMT function should stop me accidentally ringing Mrs Yarders in the middle of the night when she is down route! Oh, and I like Boeings........

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    I initially wasn't that wild about the original Boeing range, especially the Model 1, when they were first introduced. However seeing the newer versions of Model 1Ti-GMT and the 247 Ti-GMT, it was love at first sight. I think I may just have to treat myself to the 247 Ti-GMT on my up and coming 40th birthday!

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    I'm smitten with the Boeing 247 GMT. What a great addition to the already amazing line up.
    This from my perspective....
    I've loved classic watches since I could buy my own, but could only "join the game" recently.
    In my searches for "the watch", I met Bremont.
    Now this has brought me both great joy and frustration.
    The joy of owning my first Bremont, a MBII orange, and the adventure of getting it, considering I was getting a U2 blue, then the solo and walked away with the MB. Very happy with how that turned out.
    Then comes along the Boeing....
    Model 1 in white. Wow.
    247, again in white. Love the look, but a bit bulky for me.
    Then here comes the 247 GMT. It's only in Black, but not really......
    The two tone, different layout, yellow accent. I just love that watch. Awesome addition to the range.
    Add the Jaguar range. Super stylish and yells class. If I had a Jag, I'd have the watch!
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    My favourite is the ZT. I want to try them all out to see how they sit on my wrist but I think the simplified overall look of the ZT dial from the Z model is a real eye-catcher.

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