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Thread: It's only bloody here!

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    It's only bloody here!

    Not as exciting as Baselworld I'll grant you, but my new Bremont arrived this morning! This watch was commissioned to mark the 100th anniversary of 18(B) Sqn which will be celebrated this May. We went for the solo for a couple of reasons, firstly because it was felt that the Solo is most like the classic pilot watches from the last 100 years and secondly because it kept the cost down! (Didn't want to blow our 1% pay rise all at once......). The bespoke rotor depicts the first and last aircraft operated by the Sqn, namely the Vickers Gunbus and the mighty Chinook.

    I got a stainless bracelet too, I'll put up pictures of that when I've grown the required third hand needed to fit the strap! Any top tips would be gratefully received......

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    Nice looking watch with the Squadron badge on the front. I'm sure you will wear it "with courage and faith".

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    Will do my best

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    Cracking piece mate ����

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    Totally agree, it's lovely watch and the black strap with red stitching compliments it to a T - you must all be delighted with the way it has worked out.
    Per Ardua ad Astra!


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    Lovely watch, one of my favourite Military Editions to date.

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    Thank you for your kind comments gents, I'm glad you like it.

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    Great looking watch all around. The custom rotor is nice touch too. And what a strap to go with it!

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    Congrats Yarders! Nice looking watch.

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    Lovely looking piece and great strap combo!

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