Poll: Which Jaguar Model Do You Prefer?

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Thread: Jaguar Watches: Which do you prefer?

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    Jaguar Watches: Which do you prefer?

    After seeing the new Jaguar MKI and MKII models, I'm curious as to which, if any, the forum members are interested in? Let's put it to a poll and leave some comments on your reasoning below!

    As a recap, here are the two models.


    And MKII

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    Overwhelming 100% for the Mk 1, ha ha
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    Support for the MK1 is gathering momentum I would say!


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    On first impression I think I like the MKI. The dial reminds me more of a tachometer! I would like some of you watch technical experts give us a lesson on what makes its movement special and command a premium price! Cheers Jim
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    MKI for sure. For me I like the entirely different dial design and layout, only similar dial layout I can think of is the Wright Flyer and I'm about 10k short of one of those ...
    Also the barrel of the case sets itself apart from that of a normal C/Z/P etc....
    The MKII is lovely but too similar I feel to the the ALT C overall.
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    MK1 Gets my vote!
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    MK2 for me please

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    Neither unfortunately... not a fan of missing 5 and 7 markers for sake of the auto design.

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    Mk1. It seems to capture the "tachometer" look more and is less cluttered but I'd happily wear either of them.

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    As a car geek, I like the mk1

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