Poll: Which Jaguar Model Do You Prefer?

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Thread: Jaguar Watches: Which do you prefer?

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    Gotta say the MKI I like that the design branches from the traditional Bremont barrels into something a little more polished. I am hoping we see other models follow suit...

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    I like mki

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    I'm in the MKl camp too. I like the fact that the dial is that bit "cleaner" than the MKll and that the red zone shows more obviously.
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    Gotta say, I like them both. I like the larger case back as seen on the alt1-c/classic. The movements look gorgeous

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    Mk1 for me definitely.

    Personally I prefer the original LE version without the date, and the lower text as it actually looked like a gauge.

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    MK1 for me.
    I like the cleaner and simpler dial.
    I have not seen this model until this post and as soon as I saw it, and knowing nothing about it, I instantly went wow, a Smiths Tachometer.
    In my opinion, the Smiths Instruments are the nicest, most stylish automotive instruments about. Classic and simple.
    Would like it better with the full numbered dial.
    Love the case back design, simply stunning!

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    I think it'd have to be the MKII for me, the dial looks more balanced with the extra subdial
    But however, I'll reserve full judgement until Basel!
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    See the voting favours a MkI - well I'm going for a MkII. For me it represents the E-types dash and is a better watch design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedsBluesGreens View Post
    I think it'd have to be the MKII for me, the dial looks more balanced with the extra subdial
    But however, I'll reserve full judgement until Basel!
    I rather like the 'sundial' edit!

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    This is actually a tough one for me. Design-wise, they're both pretty amazing. I really love the MKI's engine, which uses Bremont's propriety movement, but at the same time, I have an affinity for chronos. However, despite using Bremont's propriety movement, I don't personally think the MKI is deserving of its premium pricing. By the same token, I never thought the 7750 was a particularly attractive movement, even when decorated. To me, the MKII's movement looks like a jumbled mess. All that considered, I'm pretty much undecided.

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