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Thread: Oh the horror!

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    Oh the horror!

    I was finishing off some business in my home office this afternoon when my 11 year old son asked me a question.
    "Dad I want a watch".
    Really, what sort? I asked.
    This is what he showed me.

    After I cleared the Vomit from my mouth, I calmly suggested we discuss it later.

    God I hope later does not come soon.


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    While there is no accounting for taste I think you are being somewhat hard on the lad! He's only 11 years old and clearly feels a need for some 'street cred', look on the bright side, the watch will only cost you a few dollars and (best of all) you will not have to wear it. Had he been a tad older he would most likely have gone to see the 'Kingsman' film and then he might have been asking for a watch like Eggsy's DLC. I think you have had a very lucky escape!


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    It could be worse..... my 4 yr old takes mine to put them on and claim that they are "his" watches...... I say someday but lets not rush it!
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    $2.92 seems reasonable for me. It could have had a zero on the end.....or two..

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