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Thread: Topper Jewelers Reviews the new Boeing Models

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    Topper Jewelers Reviews the new Boeing Models

    While my own review of the Boeing Models is upcoming, I hope this write-up from Topper Jewelers helps whet your appetite for the new Boeing Models!

    The finished products look really great. It's interesting to see that Bremont decided not to add an inner chapter ring like some suggested, but I still think they look quite nice! It is cool to see the new strap changing tool as well.

    Which is your favorite?


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    Thanks for the link.

    What an increadible model the Boeing is. Simply amazing and my new favourite.

    I haven't officially received my MB2 yet (Christmas gift) and part of me is kind of regreting not holding out for the Boeing instead.

    But as I have an MB2 orange, I would have to say that the Model 1 white is the pick for me.
    I think every watch nut needs at last one black faced and white face watch as a minimum, so the Model 1 white will be next for me.


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