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Thread: My first Bremont, the MBII orange

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    Quote Originally Posted by dougair View Post
    I am actually, and will try it when i've got some spare money in the watch account I just really like the 'Kevlar' as it gives it a bit more of a sporty look! I do need to pop into the boutique actually to check the latest range of straps as i've not been in since last year
    The kevlar is great but did go a bit frayed around the spring bar holes at the case ends. I wonder if you can get an orange permanent ink marker pen to colour the stitching…..??

    Hirsch do an interesting looking new sports strap which they say is 300m waterproof and is done in a range of different back colours that line the inside of the strap and are ridged inside so as not to get sweaty! I will try and get a UK RRP from them next week.


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    Did you manage to find a price?

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    Now I'm a bit worried about the deployment.
    Time will tell I guess.
    In regards to the deployments made by the others, they look very flimsy and light weight to me. But I doubt that is an issue.
    I've been wearing the black leather strap for the last week and managed to get it fitting better being a bit tighter. The leather is working in well but the buckle is killing it.
    Tool watch, not display model.

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    Prices are either 65 or 69 dependant on the strap finish.

    If you look on the Hirsch website the straps glory in the pattern names "Ayrton" & "Robby" at 69 or "Tiger" & "Andy" at 65

    The straps are available now.

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    A bit slow on the update but the Nubuck strap and deployment clasp are now fitted to the MBII.

    I picked up the deployment a few months ago and was wearing it with the black leather and after a bit of getting used to I love it.
    If anything the extra bulk has made the leather band a better fit size wise and sits the watch in a good place on the wrist.
    The Nubuck waited till Christmas for its unveiling as it was a gift from my wife.

    I have noted that since wearing it since Christmas the soft appearance is beginning to go and become more of a traditional leather look.

    Here's a couple of pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sako View Post

    That's looking wonderful, Sako - the MBII/Nubuck combination is one of the best! I understand what you mean about the deployments, they do seem a bit like Marmite, though: you either love them or hate them!

    Enjoy it,

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    Congrats and looks great! I have mine on a vintage light brown with deployment buckle and it is very similar to the nubuck strap finish.

    I do find it aging very well, at first it looked kind of dirty with water marks and stains but became darker with age and covered up marks well. The edging has also started to crack open a bit so eventually it should fray and have the distressed look that should look awesome!

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    Thanks guys. The combination is growing on me slowly.

    When I first set it up it didn't wow me. I was a bit like, yeah it looks Ok, kind of thing, which I believe is due to the silver on tan combination.
    I feel that if it was a DLC case it would look awesome.

    As the Nubuck finish is evolving it is definitely making it a more interesting combination.
    As you can see in the MASSIVE photo, it's starting to get that worn shine on it, and the two keepers are now displaying a very traditional polished leather look already with none of the soft velvet appearance remaining.

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    I really like this model. Looks great.
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