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Thread: Anyone buying an iPhone 6/6+?

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    Have to be honest, I'm not a fan of the iPhone. Form over function for me. However, I do have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which is pretty much the same size as the 6+. It IS bigger and if your phone lives in your back pocket you may find it a bit much. You also look a bit of a tool taking calls on it (although not as much as the woman I saw taking a call on her 7" tablet yesterday...). However, the bigger screen is a nice luxury and it's great if you watch a lot of video / streaming TV or U-toob, or spend a lot of time on line. It's a nice bag / coat pocket size of phone, if that's your thing.
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    Well Iphones are one of the most reliables smartphones ( OS) wise.
    Android just crashes too much sometimes.
    Overall i like the ease and stability of IOS but envy the customization on android.
    I ordered a 6 a week ago and the phone got delayed so it should arrive next week.

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