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Thread: Advice on what to Bremont to get

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danger26 View Post
    Thanks guys but it would have to be one hell of an offer to prise it away lol. As soon as I can I'll post some pictures
    Looking forward to them, Danger!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danger26 View Post
    Finally arrived and picked it up from the bremont shop in London. It's #1 which makes it a little bit special. Apparently person who instigated the watch took it back and it ended up being destroyed so they had one available that needed to be made, so last to be sold but 01/30. Will take some photos and up load as soon as. But I love it and thnk I need to buy another bremont I'm hooked!!!
    That would be my old watch.
    Good job picking up such a rare watch so late and have the good fortune to own #1!
    No longer a fan boy...

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