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Thread: MB2 with a suit!

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    MB2 with a suit!

    I'm up at a conference at the moment and was going to wear my 'P with the black rubber and then decided to wear the MB2 instead as it goes better with a kilt (IMHO). So I'm wearing with a suit on a black OEM strap with deployant and I think it looks really good! What say you?

    I'm swapping to the dark blue OEM strap for wearing with my ancient hunting Gordon kilt for tomorrow night as well which will look very sharp!

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    Looks great! Def put up some kilt pics ha ha

    Gorgeous piece mate

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    Looks great and shows just how versatile the MB's at the top of my wish list!

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    Looks great! I tend to wear that combo mostly too, with the sand canvas being more of a casual look!

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    I wear my 1.5 with a suit all the time. Quite often on that small black proto-Bones strap you gave me! All black. With a cheeky flash of the orange barrel. What's not to like?

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