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Thread: EP120 for sale

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    EP120 for sale


    EP120 bought in London (Royal Exchange) and worn for around 6 months (kept in a watch winder ever since). It comes with original papers, leather envelope and strap (etc). Serial number 084/120. minimum bid 9.000. Will send pictures on request. Serious buyers only.

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    Wow, what a fantastic watch you have there! Thanks for coming to the forum to let us know it's available. I'm sure you won't have too much trouble unloading it.


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    Hi Paul, keen to do something and add to the Bremont collection (without letting the wife know!)
    PM'd you, let me know please,
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    Very keen to but this watch have emailed you, thanks again martin

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    Hi guys, thank you so much for the messages... the EP120 is now SOLD.

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    That was fast! Congrats on the sale! Btw, did you get my message?

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    Hi all,

    I thought it made more sense to bump this post than start another.

    I am looking to buy and EP-120 for myself. I have actually been looking for a good few months now and am close to giving up!

    If there is anyone on here who may sell for the right price or know someone looking to sell one please do let me know.

    Despite this being my first post I have been following this place for a while, its great to see a community like this behind such a great brand.


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    I understand your wanting. I'm right behind you it's a beautiful watch with a message.

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    Me too been looking for one for a few years now, clearly Bremont did not make enough of these beauties

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    The problem with these is most people don't want to pay the going rate, I used to get silly offers a least once a month when I had mine.
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    Worn in that order

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