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Thread: The Best of British vs the Best of French...

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    Smile The Best of British vs the Best of French...

    Proudly presenting my new strap for the MBII Orange, this strap is made by (Probably the best custom strap makers in the world.. ) Atelier du Bracelet Parisien (Or ABP as it's more commonly known)...

    The specification of the strap was to try and emulate the dimensions of the Bremont OEM

    22mm Lugs > 20mm Buckle
    2mm tang holes and 2-3mm cut - this means the Bremont OEM buckle fits perfectly on the strap.

    I also went with curved ends - again exactly like the OEM - so the curves OEM pins would fit and the strap would fit the contour of the watch nicely.

    Not wanting to go for a 'gator' (Which ABP are famous for) however I wanted something a bit different from the regular Bremont strap so I went for a semi-gloss Buffalo hide - which contains great character and I think compliments the watch really well!

    Finally, the stitching had to be orange to match the barrel of the watch and I thought - 2 lines would make it a bit more eye catching!

    Well the strap arrived last week, and the quality is perfect - very much OEM standard My only 'gripe' is it's not as thick as the OEM...but the fittings are 100% perfect. I made the strap slightly shorter than the regular Bremont OEM so this now makes a great secondary strap to the watch.

    If you want something similar, then *Warning* these straps aren't cheap..!

    Onto the photos....

    See...perfect buckle!

    Quality of build is superb!

    A superb fit!

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    Piers, fantastic looking strap!!
    Yes, ABP seem to be one of the best.
    Great customer experience in their shop as well last summer!!

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    i thought that you speak about : scones & snails or stout & bourgogne or bremont & Bell&Ross or Martin Johnson & Serge Blanco or Sherlock Holmes & Inspector chief Clouseau..........

    very nice pics.......
    i like very much this combo........

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    Congrats on the ABP. Very nice combo ... I like the double stitch very much. I didn't know that the MBII had curved spring bars. It's a nice touch. Can't wait to see MBII in person.

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    Fantastic strap but not cheap at all!

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