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Thread: The EPL in the USA

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    The EPL in the USA

    I found this quite funny so I thought I would share....

    For those of you who do not know the English Premier League and European Football in general has been growing in popularity in the USA for some time. As of last year the one of the major TV Networks, NBC, began to broadcast every EPL game every weekend live. A major advancement here for us as we were used to seeing only one or two games a weekend from the more popular clubs up until last year.

    NBC came out last year with a very funny advertisement about an American Football (US version of Football) Coaching in the EPL with comedian Jason Sudeikis.

    Here is the first one from last year which is definitely worth a watch if you have not see it and below is the 2nd one they just released in time for the EPL to start in next week.

    The New Advertisement or Part 2 for this upcoming season:
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    "How many countries are there in this country?!?" 😀

    That's excellent!
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