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Thread: Wright Flyer - Bremont 2014 LE Watch

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    Hmmmm... Disappointed (IMOA)... I'm so pleased for them developing their own in house movement and that the design isn't very gimmicky, but I dare say it's boring. Its a watch that simply won't get noticed, looks more like something handed down for a parent through the family.

    It's no EP120, P51 in my book. I liked the look of the Codebreaker except for the odd crown and serial number on the side which to me was gimmicky, but this has gone the other way now. What makes this piece stand out?

    Even if I could afford it, I wouldn't buy this. I lusted after a P51...but not this piece.

    I have a feeling my next piece will be a Schofield Signalman GMT or maybe their new piece being released in November which will be available in Bronze which will take a Patina and also nice and clear Enamelled Faces. There designs are exciting and make me want it as did Bremonts. Call and speak to Giles and he will win you over as he's so passionate about everything being perfect and JUST how he wants it. He's prepared to be different.

    The new Bremont LE is simply too plain for me. Shame.

    But, I'm looking forward to see how that movement fairs and if it is COSC certified.


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    Quote Originally Posted by richslaney View Post

    But, I'm looking forward to see how that movement fairs and if it is COSC certified.
    It's not showing any rating of COSC certification in the specs of the watch on Bremonts site, so maybe it's not....

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    Quote Originally Posted by chipbutty55 View Post
    It's not showing any rating of COSC certification in the specs of the watch on Bremonts site, so maybe it's not....
    None of the previous L/E's were COSC certificated so I doubt that this will be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    None of the previous L/E's were COSC certificated so I doubt that this will be.
    My P51 has a COSC certificate..

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    I was under the impression that all Bremont watches are certified chronometers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by G-F View Post
    Fantastic looking watch!

    Where can they go from here? Pieces from the very first airplane? That's crazy cool. I tip my hat to Bremont for pulling something like that. Amazing!

    But those prices!!! Who the hell is Bremont targeting? You can't put a price on history, but this is bonkers on a whole other level. 450 fools and their money are soon gonna part.

    Hopefully, something great is gonna come out from all the profit made on these watches. For now, all I can think is, who's gonna spend Patek/ALS/AP money on a Bremont??
    I agree. I am a big Bremont fan (I currently own, love and wear 11 Bremonts), but for $25,950 (steel version), I would buy a Patek. Bremont is losing me with this strategy of incorporating bits of history into the watch, big splashy rollout, then setting the price in the stratosphere. I always thought of Bremont as more of a functional tool-watch company, but the recent releases (Victory, Codebreaker, Wright Flyer) seem to be a move to also position Bremont as a luxury LE watch company. Very cool LE ideas, but likely a very different customer base as well.

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    It seems the the Bremont Wright Flyer is splitting opinion!

    I think that the watch itself is another step in the right direction for Bremont, there are too many watchmakers that offer LE with just an added logo on the dial and a limited edition serial number. Owning a piece of history can be quite exciting but a what price? Each Bremont LE has increased in price and I think that going forward a lot of individuals will be priced out of LE Bremonts...I sure they we'll sell...time will tell!:-)

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    Has anyone noticed a striking similarity? Talking to a friend of mine earlier today (a real watch hound if ever there was one) he asked to see a photo of the Flyer - his immediate reaction was to say it resembled, in both ethos and image, the Vostok K43 - including the onion domed crown!


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    Most businesses fail in the first year of operation (~90%) as they are undercapitalized and execute their business strategy poorly. Depending how you look at it Bremont launched at a difficult time (2002) launched first watch just before the greatest economic crises of the last 75 years. Bremont is still standing and growing. Now I will leave it to the Harvard School of Business MBAs for the case study on the why/how Bremont succeeded but something that Mike Pearson has always said about Nick and Giles is this: They produce what they like. Interestingly success leaves clues. If you document and UNDERSTAND these clues then you can repeat them. Regardless what anyone thinks the brothers have a documented history of success in growing this watch company. What's my point? They obviously like this new LE watch and the pricing of it so I have no doubt it will succeed. I do like the look of it for what thats worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prestjoh View Post
    My P51 has a COSC certificate..
    Sorry. Victory wasn't.

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