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Thread: A Week with the Bremont Martin Baker III

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    A great review and some excellent pictures Jeremy. I really like the bronze barrel and wonder if Bremont will sell these in the future for MB11s as I would definitely be interested? I also like the different strap options you tried, the Hambleden looks great and is one I've been considering but I have some reservations that it's too bulky - I currently have my MB on a nubuk which is a great combo.

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    A few more nice pictures of the MBIII Bronze -

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    Great review, Jeremy. The MB III is a fantastic addition to the Bremont lineup, and is such a versatile piece.

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    Wonderful review and pictures.

    I would love one, but to be honest I would prefer:-

    1. Day and Date. I think day is very useful on a GMT especially when you are flying everywhere. I think they are missing a try too.
    2. I'd rather retain the normal Rotoclick inner bezel as I personally use mine on my U2 loads for timing food, parking meters, stuff in general.
    3. Due to number 2, the watch would need a slim outer ring on the dial for the GMT time.
    4. It would be nice then if the Rotoclick crown at the 4 oclock would be dual purpose, let in operate the inner bezel as usual, Pull out to a stop to then allow the GMT hand to be moved independently or like my Seiko 600m MarineMaster Springdrive leave the GMT hand fixed with the watch action and make the crown move the main hour hand forward and backwards as required.

    I'm not sure why you would want to lose a useful timing feature which has routes in Aircraft (mission timer) for GMT which as per my Seiko really only needs to a separately adjustable hour hand which is used against a static GMT scale.

    I also wish Bremont would also develop a quick change option for there straps. Bremont's look great on so many different straps and you see so many with scratches / marks on the lugs from changing the straps. Panerai have a push button system, others have solid screws instead of spring bars or drilled lugs so you can release the spring bar with a tool from outside the watch.
    I like the simple solution on my Raymond Weil Don Giovanni Cose Grande. The RW uses quick release spring bars which have an extension button out of the side which protrudes in little slot on the leather (inside the band). Therefore, you simple slide the button with your fingernail and the spring bar releases. Plus is keeps the spring bars in place with the strap so you don't lose them. It's an ace system which makes strap changing quick and simple, no scratches lugs, no lost spring bars. Really simply and can be quickly done to finished straps, they don't even need to have it made into the virgin straps.

    It's not even expensive, here's a link to a website which sells the tools and the springbars to do it:-

    Here's a link to the quick release Springbars (just need to find curved ones now):-
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    My Collection so far:-
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    I recently purchased a Brady Straps distressed leather with this type of self-fitting springbar with a notch and it's great!
    Easy delivery to the UK, good price, what's not to like.

    I think most of their stuff comes with tool-free bars.


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    Excellent read, thanks. I agree that the Kevlar strap looks really good. Could well be my first Bremont.

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    Thanks for the excellent write up, and of course the pictures.
    I had my name down for the MBIII at my local AD already but after reading your article, the day it arrives can't come soon enough

    Only small gripe is i'd prefer a quickset GMT hand like i'm used to on the GMTII

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    First of all, thank you Jeremy for the in-depth write up accompanied with such stunning photographs. The MBIII has long captivated me since its announcement!

    This is nitpicking but I'm curious about the knurled crowns on the MBIII. In comparison to MBII's crowns, the MBIII's seem to be of a two-piece design? As if the crown is a knurled barrel with a cap attached on top. Thus giving the MBIII crowns softer / rounder edges too.

    I'd like to ask especially those who can compare MBII and MBIII side by side, am I seeing things lol? Or any insights on the change in crown design? I know this annoys me more than it should, but I personally prefer the simpler look on MBII crowns.

    Not a deal breaker. Just wondering...

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    Nicely done. I would love the MB III, but I am beyond happy with my MB II

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