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Thread: Concerned!

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    For some time now I have been concerned about the balance of content on the forum. Strip out the 'for sale and wanted' items and the WOYW feature and what do we have left - little of any substance I'm afraid to say! Of the last 100 posts no less than about 86 were concerned with these two categories, of the remainder, discussion about visits to the boutique accounted for some of them.

    Part of the problem is that our agenda is to a large extent governed by the Bremont timetable, having exhausted discussion about the crop of new releases earlier in the year we now await the 23rd of July to find out what delights the company has in store for us. While I much enjoy some of the truly great photography here, especially of notable watches other than Bremont, I also like hearing from people new to the forum and being able to share in their enthusiasm for the brand. Some of the people who used to post here on a regular basis no longer do so, perhaps they have found new interests - who knows, I certainly hope they have not got bored!

    Does anyone else share my views on this or am I out on a limb here??

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    I agree Gavin.
    I am relatively new to the forum. I think I expected more from Bremont themselves, such as more information on the manufacture of the watches or technical information.
    I don't think there has been enough feedback on members concerns on quality issues. Whilst it is reassuring that the customer service of the company is excellent, there has been no real response on what corrective measures are being considered to ensure continuous improvement.


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    While I realise that Serena et al make a great job of being the face of Bremont on here, remember that Alt1tude started life as an independent fan forum - a huge amount of historic and up-to-the-minute information on the brand, direct from Nick, Giles and the rest of the team in Henley (and now all over the world, thanks to Nemo, Mike Pearson etc) sits over on the ATG Vintage Watches Official Bremont forum - there's a lot of crossover of contributors between the two forums and if you really want to get "inside baseball" on Bremont it's worth checking out the material there.
    Personally I see the two as complimenting forums, both friendly places for us to share our Bremont obsession.
    In case you're not familiar with it, ATG is also available on TapaTalk and has other forums focusing on Lemania, Dodane, military issue, Speake-Marin etc.
    I should say I'm a moderator over there & a mate of Alistair who runs ATG but I'm not "affiliated" with it in any other way - I'm just a watchnerd* like the rest of you!


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    Thanks Gavin,

    I hear where you're coming from, and I apologize that the Admin and moderators haven't had much new content to share recently. I think that fan forums like ours do go through periods where there is less to talk about. Now that we are a couple of months past the Baselworld announcements but not yet to the actual releases, I think that we are in sort of a waiting period on discussing something that hasn't already been said. I'd love to be able to see some exclusive reviews of the new pieces on this forum, but the prototypes are scarce and have been making the rounds with various retailers and publications ahead of their respective releases this summer.

    Our Q and A segment with various Bremont staff will have another installment soon, as well as adding some new Q and A's from some of the Bremont AD's that our forum users frequent. We've attempted to arrange and encourage various GTG events to get our members together to hang out and enjoy chatting over each other's wrist wear. In 1 weeks time, several of us will be meeting to handle the collection and the new releases. I'm really looking forward to it! I realize that the GTG plans for the UK have not made a lot of progress, but If you're waiting for Bremont to arrange the event, I can only encourage you guys to take matters into your own hands and set it up yourselves. The Bremont staff are focused on the new release for July 23, so until that event has passed, we can't expect them to be able to schedule a forum GTG.

    Hopefully as July 23 approaches, people will have more things that they want to discuss in anticipation of the new in-house movement! In the meantime, it's ok to see an ebb and flow of new content.

    You guys have helped make Alt1tude an awesome place to come and discuss Bremont content! Alt1tude remains a fan-driven forum. I don't know about everyone else here, but that's my goal with seeing this forum be self sustaining with new content and discussion driven from the entire membership. Everyone has a voice and we enjoy hearing from non-Bremont owners who are just discovering the brand and from the guys who have been here from Day 1.

    Hang tight, we have have some new ideas in the works that you guys will hopefully like. In the meantime, The Official Bremont Forum seems to be looking for folks to come visit
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    It's not just alt1tude, it's all watch forums.

    The summer months are usually slower. Even WUS that is crazy packed with watch fanatics is a bit slower during summer. People spend less time in front of their computers and more time outside with kids and family.

    ATG is even less active than alt1tude. I visit regularly but there's not much going on there either.

    July 23rd will be crazy though... Finally a hand wound, bronze Bremont with in-house, no day/date. It will be amazing.
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    I run a forum for our Village: and numerous other sites. They are all suffering from one thing - Facebook.

    Plus, when you do post on any Forum - you need to be welcomed and encouraged to post. I think you try here - but not enough.

    Stick with it.

    Oh I think it would be worthwhile adding Gallery software from photopost. I've done that on a couple of websites Ive run.

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    Hi all, of course I have to take some of the responsibility for this post and fully appreciate where you are coming from Gavin. Since taking over the forum, membership is up and we have had a huge amount of activity over the last six months. I agree that the last month or two have been quiet, and this is down to a lot of things going on, and new content being created across Bremont which we look forward to sharing.

    Please bear with us on this, and look forward to a huge amount of excitement coming us as we move further in to the summer months. The members here are hugely important and I sincerely hope that people keep posting and adding their own opinions. I for one am hugely excited about what is happening and hope that the members will continue to show their support


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    I think Gavin isn't referring to you or Bremont Serena. Of course if there's announcements all the time then you have things to talk about. It's the lack of General chat regardless of announcements that he's talking about, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildrover View Post
    I think Gavin isn't referring to you or Bremont Serena. Of course if there's announcements all the time then you have things to talk about. It's the lack of General chat regardless of announcements that he's talking about, I think.
    Many thanks for clearing that one up! No criticism of Serena or the moderators was intended in any way, shape or form. it was indeed the lack of 'general chat' that I was commenting on! Having got that out of the way I will take the opportunity to expand on my thoughts.

    Johnny has reminded us that started life as an independent fan forum operated by Piers. Setting up his own watch brand had clearly been on his mind for some time and when it came to launch Pinion he must have felt that his position here had become totally compromised. Although a number of options were available to him I do not recall any discussion of these here, he came to an agreement with Bremont who effectively took control and Serena stepped up to the plate and became our Administrator. This puzzled me at the time as the site would loose the independence that was clearly important to him and secondly because Bremont were already supporting the 'official' forum over at ATG.

    It is my view that we have lost some of our identity with the departure of Piers. I am in agreement with Neil who suggested that Bremont should be more hands on, have a greater input here than it does. With the exception of Serena, and occasional interventions from Mike and Nemo, the firms profile here is quite deliberately low key. I would like to see more input from the staff although I appreciate that they are busy running a rapidly expanding concern and probably have little time for social media. Where I disagree with Johnny is in his view that the two sites compliment each other, personally speaking I do not think there is enough Bremont related traffic to support two forums. As I see it Bremont operate this site while at the same time supporting the 'official' forum on the ATG platform - I do not think this is a sustainable model!


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    I agree with Gavin's initial post which I did not read as critical of current Mods or indeed Serena.

    I think it would be helpful to consolidate to one Bremont forum. Both sites contain great reference material, however, they are not dynamic enough to sustain long term interest.

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