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Thread: Had these two show up in the post today

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    Had these two show up in the post today

    Been on the forum for a bit and have been waiting for two things to show up and they both came today. The MB11 came as a trade against another watch and am really pleased with it and the the strap courtesy of the Black Badger / GasGasbones collaboration and I think they look awesome together.........

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    Andy, that looks GREAT!
    Congrats on the MBII, that's a classic for sure

    Can you email me some of these pics? This is the first time I've seen a BadgerBones strap on a Bremont watch

    Really nice pics mate, that lume is really beautiful!

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    I'd like to see a wrist shot including the buckle !
    I thought at first this was a bit too much, but now I think it looks great!!

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    G-F: Me toooooooo

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    A couple more for you

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    Congratulations, looks fantastic!

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    Looks fab Andy, welcome to the MBII club!

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    Looking good mate, enjoy!

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    very nice indeed

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    One word for that strap. WOW. Who do I contact to order one of these for my U-2 LE , and what is the cost & lead time?


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