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Thread: You might want to look at this folks :-) strap related !!

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    You might want to look at this folks :-) strap related !!

    Hi all

    I just received some buckles from James for our BadgerBones "BlackCat" strap.
    I just had to loan one of the buckles to whizz up this sample strap, shame I have to cut it out :-(

    Anyway, if there is enough interest then this might be something on the horizon :-)

    Hope you like it, feedback appreciated.
    Enjoy the pics.


    EDIT : This strap is neither endorsed or authorised by Bremont. It is NOT for sale as either Bremont or a stand alone gasgasbones strap.

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    Senior Member Dragon Boy's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    nice jaguar.......!!!

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    Senior Member CaptLeslie's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Litchfield Park, Arizona, United States
    Carl, sign me up for that strap!!!! Plus I want to get in line for that BREMONT Red strap if it comes to pass! Cheers Jim

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    Mate! That is a fantastic looking design, I love it. The yellow topstitch by the buckle is just killer.

    Do I get some kinda discount, I want one!! Ha ha

    Great work my good sir

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    Senior Member Alt1tude's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    lovely... would look superb on an MBII!

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    and ya gotta hook me up with one of those coffee mugs

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    Sign me up for one!!

    I'd also like to buy that MB handle key chain! I tried to buy one off their website but it is a pain. Can you hook me up on this too?
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    Senior Member Alt1tude's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Only small comment is the buckle does seem to a bit big but would assume it would look okay once installedand on the wrist.

    A version of this with red buckle / red stitching would work really well for the U2 civi or ltd edition...probably as a combination would match the case and work best.

    a stainless steel buckle with yellow mbII would look great for MBII but don't know if that could be produced...

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    Like with the other designs, if a few people seemed interested, we'd go for it. Just to avoid us both having to buy piles of specially colored material we'd never need otherwise. I can do a black buckle with red stripes if people were interested, no problem at all.

    Agreed Piers, I think if it was a Bremont-specific buckle, we'd maybe make it a bit smaller.

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    The buckle is the same size as the black cat buckle but as the strap here is narrower it does look big.
    In the flesh though it's fine, I think the photos give the wrong perception of size a little.

    @ James. I presume you could thin the centre hazard strip down a bit ?

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