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Thread: A new Special Edition from Bremont

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    A new Special Edition from Bremont

    I'm no stranger to Bremont: I already own an ALT1-C/CR, one of the first civilian Special Editions - the MB1.5 - and I picked up a blue Supermarine the day they came out. But for the last four years, I've been waiting for another Special Edition.

    It all began at the Farnborough Air Show on 25th July, 2010. Martin-Baker had lent Bremont a chalet on the Sunday, and I was invited, along with a few other Bremont owners, friends and ADs, to spend the day watching 'planes [a small aside: I love 'planes. There are a few photos here]. Amongst the highlights was the a truly breath-taking display by the astonishingly acrobatic A380 (sorry Boeing) and the Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules II.

    That's gotta hurt by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    Anyway, Sarah from Bremont was wearing a black/green BC-S2 watch, which triggered discussions about the authenticity of the design, its "cockpit clock" dial and whether it was actually the one watch that we should all have. A sleeper. An under the radar gem.

    Fast forward a year or so and the first whispers of a special edition started circulating. We had a launch party on Hallowe'en, 2012 at the newly-opened Bremont Boutique in Mayfair, but, due to various things, it was only a few days ago that I received my watch.

    S2 SE in profile by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    The first thing you'll notice is the black-DLC coated top case. Just like the epic EP120, the aim was to produce a piece that looked like it might have been pulled from the cockpit of a Spitfire, a Hurricane or other classic warbird. The caseback was left alone, along with the movement and Bremont moulded rotor. Nick and Giles were kind enough to source a completely new crown for us too.

    The Bremont S2 SE x ATG Vintage Watches by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    But the hands on the BC-S2 were a little dressy for what we wanted; we were after the heavier "sword" hands of a Smiths MkXIV altimeter, or perhaps a 400mph ASI.

    Dial by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    Of course, we also swapped out the day-date wheels for the black versions.

    The Bremont S2 SE x ATG Vintage Watches by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    All in all, I think Alistair from ATG Vintage Watches, and the kind people at Bremont Watches, have done a rather good job. I'm certainly enjoying wearing it!

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    I have to say the BC-S2 never did anything for me, there were always lots of other designs I preferred more. I think the work done here completely transforms it, the watch has a presence of it's own, it has 'gravitas' if you like. I have always liked 'sword' hands and no exception here, for me this SE works as a package in a way the original didn't. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.


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    Its been too long!!!! How are you? That is a fantastic piece....I think the "tranforms it" is right on target

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    As the very proud owner of the s2 se I can only agree 100% with noodlefish. I think this makes the s2 se what the original should of been. I have worn mine everyday since it arrived and consider myself lucky to have one. Thanks must go to Alistair a real labour of love and to Bremont for the willingness to produce a watch in small numbers.

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    That's a lovely thing, congrats! I agree with Gavin, normally it's a piece that wouldn't be on my radar, but the work done has transformed it. Not many other brands would do things like this

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    That is really nice!

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    Thanks for the comments - and good to see another S2 SE owner over here!
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    This one for some reason does not ring my bell.

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