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Thread: Alt1-Z Replica

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    A friend has just returned from Marrakesh where he bumped into a lady from Trading Standards who job it was to investigate the source of fake goods. Being interested in mechanical watches he told her that we had come across our first fake Bremont and she confirmed that this too had first shown up on their radar some weeks ago. She did not know that we had been discussing this on the forum and appeared pleased that were aware that Bremont fakes were likely to be seen in increasing numbers as the popularity of the brand grows.

    As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


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    Luckily that fake looks a bit crap. What do you guys reckon will be the best sign of a fake. If the watch has a case back i doubt i fake could reproduce that kind of finishing.

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    Looks like that is a 'real' ALT1_Z in the pics and they are just 'fishing'... STAY AWAY KIDS!

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    Thanks for the fake update! Just say NO TO FAKES!

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