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Thread: Baselworld 2014 giveaway

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    Ooh, this is a tough one. The Terra Nova is cool and the MB3 is a classic reborn. However, it has to be between the Boeing watches for me. My favourite is definitely the Model 247 with black dial, I'm absolutely loving the rotor!

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    I'm with woody, bremont Boeing 247 with black dial has got classic written all over it. Clear crisp dial, just enough going on to keep it interesting without being over the top. Love the chrono pushers too - Good job!
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    Boeing 247 for me too...can't decide on black or white though, both look great.

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    The Terra Nova , a great watch made even greater . Titanium and a gmt hand fantastic

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    The faberiffic 247 for me too, but nightmares ahead on deciding black or white. Plus, coincidentally, 2 + 4 + 7 equals my age 37 years ago.
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    The Boeing 247 for me. Partly because I have the brochure which calls it a Model 10 (in years to come that brochure will become a collectors item, mark my words!) but mostly because the blue accent on the chrono second hand looks fantastic against the white dial. Also, the strap is a genuine "wow, that really suits the tie in with Boeing" piece.

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    Boeing Model 1 for me. I think it has a classic look with a modern touch. In black please.
    Close second is the MB3.
    No longer a fan boy...

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    The 247 for me! The White face and white dials with the subtle blue accents and the strap (blue thread) just is too nice of a combo to pass up! It will surely be #5 for my Bremont collecton.
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    Another vote for the 247 here, in black I think. It's that impossibly dark, hypnotic, glossy bezel that draws me in..... Must order one..... Must order one......

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    I like several of the new models, but my vote is for the MBIII. Classic simple dial with GMT function, and the day window is eliminated from the MBII design (which I have no complaints about). Extension of a staple of the Bremont line and a great looking watch!

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