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Thread: IW Magazine Watch Madness 2014: VOTE FOR BREMONT!

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    I managed to vote 6 times on various computers and I-pads. I bet the Breitling mob came out to vote against us. It was odd how the vote swung so far so late............

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    It's all so meaningless.

    People vote so many times. It's just a contest of who can rig the competition the best. Because I can't believe that they have a bigger fan base than Bremont. So how exactly did they do it? I don't care... In the end, I'd still get a bremont over a CFB.
    No longer a fan boy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by G-F View Post
    In the end, I'd still get a bremont over a CFB.
    You're right on all accounts. It doesn't really matter how it swung at the end, there were some shenanigans, but Bremont had a strong showing despite it all! And of course, i think all of us here would agree that we prefer Bremont to the CFB

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    It is all very meaningless. If someone truly values a well constructed watch, and appreciates the unique efforts and historical significance of what is encompassed in that piece, we all know Bremont would come out on top.
    This is nothing more than a glorified facebook style 'Like' competition. I will be forgotten about in a week. Nobody will care. Now, if only the same thing could happen to Myley Cyrus....

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    .....and Justin Bieber. He tests me beyond endurance......

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