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Thread: New Bremont 'HAMBLEDEN' Straps

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    New Bremont 'HAMBLEDEN' Straps

    Bremont announced today the release of the new leather 'Hambleden' NATO strap....

    The 3 new straps in this range come in black leather with steel buckle, black leather with DLC buckle and tan leather with steel buckles. The 3 reinforced keepers have been welded according to Bremont to be 'able to withstand 'considerable pressures' and the 2mm thick leather makes them 'incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.'

    Looking a lot like the Codebreaker strap, these are in fact not the same ( the Codebreaker strap was produced with Cordovan leather ) at 155, they are in keeping with other Bremont straps, and the propellor logo embossing adds a nice touch to this very smart addition to the Bremont leather strap stable.

    Below are some images of the strap, and as always, let us know your thoughts.

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    Umm, I'll start this one off with a HUGE, YES PLEASE!! Easily the best looking strap available from my perspective. Absolutely love it. Way to knock it out of the park, Bremont! Slackjawed over here.

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    Very nice, how long until they will be available S?

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    They should be available on the online boutique and in the Bremont boutiques this week and are due to be with retailers imminently. Hope that helps,


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    Perfect thank you =)

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    I love the Cordovan and I think these look fantastic. Great work Bremont!

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    I agree with the sentiment expressed above, great looking straps which I have no doubt will prove to be very durable. A great success in the making!


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    Stunning. The brown would look good on my ALT1-C cream............

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    I will be the opposing voice.

    I dislike NATO straps, but if you are gonna have a NATO, at least have a NATO that can get wet, get washed and get worn again.

    These straps are fashion victims in the making.


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    Are they making a short version Serena?
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