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Thread: Some Mesh for My Alt1-C

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    Some Mesh for My Alt1-C

    With summer fast approaching I thought I'd try something in stainless and found these mesh bracelets.
    It is quite comfortable and gives it a very different look. What do you think?

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    .........classic and classy!!

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    I like it, very cool idea!
    May have to try it for my Jag Alt1-C

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    Doesnt look quite right IMO, beautiful watch though, the ALT1-C's going to be my next incoming!

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    Looks good to me! I have been looking for the same type strap for my Planet Ocean. If you don't mind can you tell us where you you got it? Cheers Jim

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    The Bracelet is a STAIB Premium Mesh made in Germany

    I hope I am not violating any forum rule and if so my apologies. I purchased it from lonestar watches but other vendors have it too if you do a google search. It comes in a regular size and a shorter version. It is quite well made for an aftermarket bracelet. Hope this helps!

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    Mark, it looks good and will certainly adds a new flavour to the design.

    You don't see many watches being offered on mesh, so IMHO it looks quite special.

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    Like it, but maybe an open mesh instead of the closed (ends where the bars go) type.


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    That looks great - not a big mesh fan but the classic looks of the c match it nicely!

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    Liking the mesh. Any wrist shots available?

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