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Thread: Ben Saunders on Newsnight

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    Ben Saunders on Newsnight

    Bremont Ambassador Ben Saunders was on the UK Show 'Newsnight' last night, and for those who missed it, or were unable to view it - her it is again;

    Ben is truly an inspiration and embodies Bremont's spirit of adventure. If this isn't 'Tested Beyond Endurance' then I don't know what is!

    I am afraid I could not find the clip anywhere, but enjoy from 42 mins....

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    Really new to Bremont, bought myself a MBII from a Hong Kong store on Saturday and been excited ever since. Really glad I discovered the brand. Strange as I'm n aviator and new nothing of it before, plus been on the Norton site.

    Coincidentally, not the above link, but another I posted a video featuring Ben this morning to my wife who is in the UK.

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