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Thread: Bremont Partner with Boeing

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    Bremont Partner with Boeing

    So it's here, the big news today at Bremont is that they are partnering with Boeing Aviation company to produce a range of mechanical watches.

    An official statement released this morning stated;

    "We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Boeing to develop a new range of mechanical watches that fully explores the aerospace company’s extraordinary expertise in advanced material technology, together with Bremont’s enviable track record in chronometer manufacture. The partnership will also be used to help commemorate Boeing’s 100th anniversary. Under the exclusive collaboration, Bremont plans to release chronometers featuring Boeing aeroplane materials, as well as a limited edition of watches featuring aeroplane parts."

    This is GREAT news for Bremont and extremely exciting. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

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    Very excited about what the future holds for this!
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    Fantastic partnership with an aviation giant! This should help expand Bremont's marketing exponentially by having such a large advertising avenue. Soon Bremont will be features in Sky Mall haha, jk.

    I'm really looking forward to see what direction Bremont goes with this and which aircraft they choose to use as a muse first. Serena, do we know of any timeline for when we will see the first watch in the Boeing range?

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    Fantastic news, this would further enhance Bremonts reputation. Cant wait to see the watch the partnership unfolds.

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    A great opportunity for Bremont! Letting my imagination run wild I would like a Boeing Stearman watch or a B-17 watch with parts from Memphis Belle! To cement the partnership between Boeing and the firm Bremont could produce a unique 'Air Force One' watch which would be a gift to the President - a light blue barrel would be rather cool!


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    This isn't the kind of exciting news I had been expecting but it's a very interesting route for Bremont to take. If it opens the door for Bremont to innovate in movements and case materials then it has to be a good thing. It would be even better if some materials could be used in a Bremont in house movement to help justify the inevitable move from the modified one currently used and to make that something extra special. I do hope it doesn't impinge on Bremonts LE range as I think it would be a shame to lose the freedom they currently have and that has allowed them to do such diverse watches in terms of the theme. Things like the P-51, victory and Bletchley and the diversity the provide interest me a lot but a Bremont 747 special somewhat less so!!

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    Should have been British Aerospace. But what can we expect soon: Hopefully B747 watch or a military offering (flew 4000 hours in the beast). Either way I'm in.....

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    I'm hoping we see the Boeing range revealed at Basel! Fingers crossed!

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