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Thread: ALT1TUDE Turns 3 Years Old

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    Exclamation ALT1TUDE Turns 3 Years Old

    On February 1, 2011, the ALT1TUDE forum officially went live! It's founder, Piers (Alt1tude), intended for the forum to serve as an interactive online community solely dedicated to the Bremont Watch Company. Over the past 3 years, we're proud that we have built an active membership that has stayed true to that mission. While there are several other great sites to go and discuss Bremont, ALT1TUDE continues to be the only dedicated Bremont site on the internet.

    Today, I give a tip of the hat to all of our members and guests who visit this site. Without active participants, this forum wouldn't serve much of a purpose, but you all manage to keep things lively. We are fortunate to have you all, and we encourage you to continue engaging in whats happening on the forum! I also want to recognize the work that Piers put forth to establish this site. Thank you for paving the way! We are now very fortunate to have Serena (ALT1-S) at the helm to keep us plugged in to the pulse of what's happening at Henley-on-Thames. Thanks, Serena! You're a pleasure to work with, and a true asset to the forum.

    During the past year, we were able to design and distribute our exclusive ALT1TUDE forum SE watch, which 30 of you were lucky enough to snatch up(quickly!). We welcomed the launch of two new watches which were originally designed as military squadron pieces, the U-2 Blue, and the ALT1-B. A rose gold version of the flagship ALT1-C was released as a dressy option within Bremont's otherwise sporty range. We also helped celebrate the release of the CODEBREAKER, Bremont's tribute to the men and women who worked at Bletchley Park during the second World War. We welcomed several hundred new members, and have now reached over 1,000 registered accounts who have posted 9,500 messages in 3 short years!

    2014 promises to be a fantastic year for Bremont, and for ALT1TUDE. On Monday (2/3/14), we expect to hear some exciting news from the English brothers! Make sure to stop by to read all about it. BaselWorld 2014 is also quickly approaching, which is sure to bring about some new watch and accessory releases, including a new Limited Edition piece for 2014. In the meantime, we will continue to stir up engaging conversation, bring exclusive content from Bremont HQ, report major announcements (first), provide in-depth reviews and photography of new products, and hold fun contests like our recent Halloween and Christmas competitions.

    Today we pause to recognize a 3 year milestone, and renew our goal of being the best Bremont site on the internet! Onward and upward!
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    Well done to all involved. A truly fantastic forum with great members. Happy birthday.

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    Thanks Jeremy for this post and Happy Birthday Alt1tude! I hope this continues to be the great forum Piers started, keep posting your questions and comments as we continue to grow. Currently Alt1tude has over 1000 members, with new registrations happening daily including 30 in January alone ( not including spammers!, ) our favourite section of the site is the 'public chat area' and the most viewed thread is 'What Bremont do you own.' There have been nearly 1500 new threads since we started, and nearly 10,000 posts!

    This year is going to be a great one for Alt1tude and Bremont; thank you to all our active members for keeping this forum such an interesting and vibrant platform.


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    Great post Jeremy, I may be a part-time poster on here but I've always found it a great site to come to. I hope (and have no doubt) that both Alt1tude and Bremont can go from strength to strength in 2014, I just wish we didn't have to wait until Monday for the announcement. Serena, can you please ensure Bremont only make announcements on Fridays in future, the weekends are short enough as they are without me wishing them away to see what Bremont has in store for us!!

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    It's great to see it beginning to get busier, with more regular contributors and some great ideas for articles.
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    I don't get to post as much as I would like but I just wanted to say that this site and its members have been amazing for Bremont and it's fans.

    I thoroughly enjoy visiting and reading the comments on this site daily, and I'm so glad for the members we have here. Happy 3rd Anniversary! Cheers!

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    Just like to add my own congratulations to all those who have made this site what it is, a great resource for anyone interested in Bremont. Love the photography and articles!


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    As a newer member I find the signal to noise ratio is very strong, the willingness to share knowledge and the access to the Bremont team all are fantastic.
    I look forward to Bremont's and Alt1tude's future

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    Congratulations on 3 years of this fantastic forum.
    As an AD it is great to hear peoples likes, dislikes, loves and gripes of all things Bremont, and it is good to learn from so many knowledgeable watch lovers.
    Piers did a fantastic job in setting up the Forum and developing it, and I hope he knows we are talking about him - how we all miss his hairy wrist! At least we now have the lovely Serena and her lovely hairy er… to keep an eye on us.
    Here's to the next one!

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    Well Said! Really enjoy reading and participating at this site! Thanks to all who contribute.
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