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Thread: Bremont - Supermarine Descent Launch Party - 10th June 2010

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    Bremont - Supermarine Descent Launch Party - 10th June 2010

    The Supermarine Descent launch event was held on the 10th June 2010 at a lovely Jewellery Boutique in London's Sloan Square. The place was packed with customers, friends and general watch nerds like myself. Here's some random photos I took towards the end of the night, when we had a bit of space to move around - hope you enjoy them!

    I don't think I got a picture of the front of Nick (Bremont co-founder) as he was busy chatting away!

    This guy he was chatting to owns the Norton Motorcycle company...Cool!

    However Giles (Bremont co-founder far left) was more than happy to "Say Cheese!"

    Sara Cambell was there (in spirit)

    And someone mentioned Tom cruise was in attendance - Nice watch, Tom.

    The displays and Descent looked great

    The 'official' photographer, keeping an eye on me!

    Lots of people wearing SM500s....including Nick and Giles (Bremont founders)

    A couple of sexy Italians turned up...

    Sported by a couple of people who clearly don't like their photos being taken!

    "Mat...Did you get that off e-bay mate?"..

    ....and finally - I managed to pester pretty much everyone who was wearing a Bremont for a wrist shot - here's a compilation!

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    thanx for sharing !!

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    great pics Piers!

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    good selection of instruments , also its good to put names to faces , thanks for sharing

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