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Thread: Christmas Competition!

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    Christmas Competition!

    With just under two weeks to go before Christmas we thought it only right that we hold a rather festive Alt1tude giveaway competition.

    To be in with a chance of getting your hands on some fantastic surprise Bremont goodies we are leaving it to our forum members to get their Festive creativity flowing. This can be in the form of a picture, a poem a photograph or anything else Bremont related that sums up the spirit of the season and incorporates our favourite watch brand.

    Entries will be taken until midnight on Friday 28th December to make sure anyone who gets a Bremont gift under the tree has plenty of time to photograph it and will be judged by a team at Bremont HQ.

    We want everyone to get involved on this one so get your Bremont thinking caps on!!


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    Really pumped to see what you guys come up with! The prize pack will be worth the effort! Best of luck!

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    I think I'm going to win. Might as well send the prize out now…...

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    Probably end up in the completely wrong section but try this...

    Santa flies but once a year,
    But clocking up some hours,
    You'll be surprised what speed he gets,
    Shimming round the towers,
    Under bridges, over mountains,
    With his burly crew,
    Kids be thankful at these high speeds,
    He sports an MB11.

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    Nicely done! Hopefully he won't end up with an MB-1...:-)
    - TexZan -

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    Well done, Lloydy! That's the spirit!

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    My Bremont & my Max

    Nothing like admiring two master pieces at the same time.
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    Santa and my kids on a C-17 yesterday. This photo inspired the following:

    'Twas the week before Christmas
    And all through the jet,
    C-17 pilots and loads
    Were wondering what they'd get.

    The flight plan was a good one
    No stopping at Gander,
    There was even some time
    At Ramstein to meander.

    We started up engines
    Numbers 1,2,3,4,
    Cinched everything down
    And closed up the door.

    Into the air we flew
    Speaking not of our final,
    Being home for Christmas?
    We're all in denial.

    We head west from Shanwick
    HF radio static in our ears,
    The silence was deafening
    Nearly got us in tears.

    Ocean crossings are long
    And usually quite boring,
    The subject of gifts came up
    There was no more ignoring.

    Bremonts galore
    We're pilots, you see,
    But more than MBs, Codebreakers
    Or the classic 1-C.

    On Victory, on Norton,
    On P-51,
    Now Solo, now rose gold,
    Wow, isn't this fun?

    "Which one is your fave?"
    The question was posed.
    From the rookie copilot
    Ha! Now he's just hosed.

    "You can't ask a question like that
    In the cockpit,
    We fly the best jet
    In the AF, you twit!"

    "There's only one watch for our crew
    It's a winner,
    Globemasters for all! 'Co,' cook my dinner!"

    *Here are a few explanations of the terms for those of you that don't fly C-17s regularly:
    -Gander is the "coast-in" point to the USA from crossing the Atlantic. If you have a good jet, you won't need to stop and get gas, but in the old days, it was a regular occurrence.
    -Ramstein is a big base in Germany, which means lots of beer...
    -Shanwick is the European equivalent to Gander, but in this case, we're going west, so "coasting out."
    -HF radios are full of static but go VERY long range (you can hear Shanwick and Gander both in the middle of the ocean). We don't rely on them as much these days, but if you need to "talk" to someone, they're still used.
    -Co=copilot...the newbies :-)
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    - TexZan -

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    That was awesome, Tex! Very well done.

    Can anyone beat that?

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    Obviously I don't want to win but thought I would post something Hot! Hot! Hot!

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