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Thread: Bremont 'Temple Island' Strap

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    I honestly can't see why lets be honest a normal looking rubber strap should cost more than 50. Heck shop around and you can pay that (or less) for 3rd party straps including a deployment clasp. When I think back to my older watch days, I'd be buying a rubber strapped 100m digital sports watch for less than that and that include a WATCH.

    For me, they should at least add some coloured stitching options (maybe kevlar thread) to at least make it look at least a little more special.

    If it was under 100 I would buy one for my U2 DLC but at Bremonts RRP..... Hmmmm, maybe not.

    Such a shame, and I don't understand why this should be so expensive as surely these ones can be manufactured quickly and probably VERY cheaply. At least leather has some process's behind it's manufacture especially with waterproof membranes, thread / stitching, dye, etc, etc.

    Can any one explain this outrageous price without the argument that it's just because it's a Bremont Strap or bullshit about trying to preserve the luxury branding etc as after all if say this is a 20 per unit strap, then it's still a 20 strap not a 155 one. God, I must be getting old. ;-(


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    Sorry, I am unable to offer any rational explanation for the conundrum you pose! It is however probably true that the company has higher overheads than others of similar size:

    a) Serena's wages - the staff all appear to wear Bremont watches!!
    b) the cost of three boutiques
    c) Marketing and R&D - the new movement will be a substantial investment
    d) sponsorship deals

    While I could indeed buy a rubber watch strap for 10 by the same token I could also buy a very serviceable car for 450. The strap would not be a Bremont strap and the car would not be a Bristol - that's all the argument I need!
    The reality is that buying decisions are often ruled by the heart not the head!


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    Looks great on that Solo white dial. I have the Temple strap as well- love how it's curved towards the lug! Incredibly well designed.

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