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Thread: RAF Museum Visit - Part 1

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    RAF Museum Visit - Part 1

    Well it was a very hot and sunny day in April when Simon and I visited the RAF Museum in Hendon, which is situated in North West London. Armed with a couple of cameras and a couple of solos we enjoyed the displays and got some rather strange looks from proper tourists who were clearly amused as we shot the SOLO watches as much as the planes.

    So if you like your planes and watches (Let's face it - if you don't, then why are you here ?) here's the first part of the post - I've broken it into two posts so will be ipad / iphone compatible too... Enjoy!

    ... Continue onto Part 2 >>

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    Very cools Piers, nice pictures dolove an old plane

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    Absolutely Spectacular!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Makes me want to take my kids to our local air power museum... With my Bremont on of course.

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    very cool!!!
    great post Piers and photos!

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