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Thread: A bit about ourselves, and what we do!

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    A bit about ourselves, and what we do!

    Thought I'd start a thread, (did a search and couldn't find one) to get to know each other a little more...
    I run a car detailing business in Berkshire / Oxfordshire, Been at it many years. Aged 34

    Next person copy and paste so we should get a nice varied page about people...

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    Cheshire UK
    Great idea, think the forum needs to get to know each other better, then hopefully the posts will start to increase.
    I'm 33, from Cheshire and I'm an account manager for a large tobacco company.
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    I'm 30, from South Carolina in the United States, married with 2 kids and work as a physician in the hospital setting.
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    I'm 36 and an Operator for the trading arm of an Oil Major.

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    Great thread! I am 41, live near Southampton on the S. Coast of the UK and work as a Civil Air Traffic Controller, which I have done since the tender age of 19!

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    Wow! What a variation guys!

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    You're all so young!

    I'm 56 and busy rattling around europe in a motorhome.

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    I'm 39 and major account manager for a generic pharmaceutical company. I live in Canada.
    No longer a fan boy...

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    I am a 62 year young airline pilot living in sunny Arizona! Cheers Jim
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    I'm 39 (for another two weeks) and work as a Project Manger/consultant for a large software company in the Boston area.

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