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Thread: A bit about ourselves, and what we do!

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    I am 42 and an Accountant. Living in Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland

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    I am 42, living in East Ayrshire and work in the lift industry or for our American friends Elevatooor Industry

    Went to buy a Alt-1P in April 2008 but was persuaded to buy a Panerai instead that day.

    Then exactly a year on from that date bought my EP120 and a few years later my TWG MBII.
    Iwc Big Pilot
    Bremont Boeing Model 1 White
    Panerai Pam 305
    Panerai Pam 422
    Ball Diver Chronometer
    Ball Fireman II
    Lum-Tec M54 Bronze 24/200

    Worn in that order

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    44 yrs old, 1 wife 2 kids (B & G), Global Marketing Manager for a pharmaceutical company, work in Germany, live in UK!

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    Washington, DC
    I am 39 (for the next 11 days) work as a VP in technology for a university in the Washington DC metro area.

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    40, live in Surrey, England. Originally from Ayrshire, Scotland (mentioned because of the other two boys from there in this thread). Married, 1 baby girl and fly 747's for a living.

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    A large Airbase, Somewhere near Oxford.....
    Originally from the Lake District...42, Married, 9 year old Twins (B&G), Currently a Groundcrew Sgt in the Royal Air Force at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, UK... managing documentation and computer systems for the C130 Hercules.

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    Sorry, I'm a little late to the game...four kids 7 and under can do that to ya!

    USAF pilot here, sporting a Globemaster. 38, married for 11 yrs with the traveling circus mentioned above. As my name implies, I'm from Texas, but the AF keeps moving me around. Maybe some day I'll actually live there again!
    - TexZan -

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    30241, USA
    46, married with two sons, live in Georgia and am a Sr. Mgr. for our company's Training department.

    Training Lesson #1: Everything we do and hold sacred is held together by a process. when we introduce outside variables into the proess, bad things happen.

    Training Lesson #2:
    Repetition brings familiarity
    Familiarity brings comfort
    Comfort brings confidence
    With confidence you can do anything

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    Danbury UK
    Director of my own construction and project management company, from the original beautiful English village of Danbury, aged 47, happily married for 20 (something) years :/ two kids, one doing a 5 month ski season in the sunny French alps, the other taking advantage of his big sister being away. Hold a private pilots licence but haven't flown for a while (recessions, construction industry and flying don't mix) so pretty heavy into the golf at the moment, at least until I can get airbourne again ��

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    Iím 44, work in horticulture and love horses cars and watches from England.


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