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Thread: A bit about ourselves, and what we do!

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    Thanks for the editing it, I should have read it before I posted but it was late!

    I agree about the two classic looks. They'll certainly never be confused for another brand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theancientmariner View Post
    The orange barrel is fantastic, it never loses its appeal. I'm quite taken by the new purple barrel and the titanium barrel on the MBIII 10th Anniversary is very classy but neither can top the orange barrel.
    Yeah, I'll probably go with orange, there's a few deals around at the moment. Still tempted by the DLC U2 I've seen, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nellydog View Post
    Yeah, I'll probably go with orange, there's a few deals around at the moment.
    Agree - there are some great deals to be had with UK-based AD's at the moment. A perfect time if you've got the cash, and can buy now.


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    I'm Andy Green, and live in Melbourne Aus.

    I write about watches for a living, and also talk about them on my podcast called OT: The Podcast!

    I'm a Bremont MBII owner (white dial) and own a few other brands/pieces.


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    Hi all,
    I am Les...56, married with no kids currently living in sunny Lancashire.
    I am currently working as a cnc machienist for Rolls Royce.

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    Hi Les and welcome to the forum. Sounds like a good job you have there, a tour of The Wing may well interest you, especially around the workshop with the multi axis machines they have there. Have you also checked out the Bremont Ionbird? I imagine it will be a fairly tenuous link to the work you do at Rolls Royce but the link is there never the less

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    I was trying to arrange a tour on the Monday 7th when we goto the townhouse event in the evening but there are no tours running that day and as i live 4 hrs drive away it will be a while before i can get to do a tour. It would be facinating to see the way they do the componants as its completly opposite scale to what i manufacture now.

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