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Thread: MBII questionable finish?

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    Just wondering if this is a deliberate machining finish as opposed to a fault in quality control. We all know that depending on the maker and the model, there are sometimes, 'rougher' finishes applied to some surfaces on a watch case. That may have been a cost consideration going back 50 years or more, but today might be seen as a a part of a deliberate effect the maker is trying to apply.

    Just a thought.

    Just one or two time pieces.

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    Thanks Jim for your post and for everyones posts on this subject.

    Basically, all Bremont cases are hand finished in the UK and therefore there can be some slight differences from case to case once this work has been completed. It is not necessarily considered a QC fail unless Bremont deems any finish unacceptable. However, should anyone ever have any queries on this, or feel that they aren't happy the best thing to do is to speak to Emma in the customer services department and she, as the previous posts have stated will sort out any issues immediately. Customer service is second to none at Bremont, but it is important that people are happy in the first place! It is really good to hear that you have had a good experience both in the boutique and through HQ Khem1kal and hope everything is perfect for you now.

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