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Thread: Important information concerning MALWARE

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    Important information concerning MALWARE

    Earlier this week this site was hacked / compromised and then automatically labelled by Google as containing MALWARE.

    Since then, I have removed all the existing code and re-installed a fresh set of forum software - However I now need to resubmit the site to Google for more tests to ensure the problem isn't something I haven't detected yet. I've run the existing site through site checks and nothing was detected, so it could just be Google being too sensitive - however it's better that I think than a larger problem!

    So, I will keep you all updated on how this goes - for the moment, certain features and functions of the site will be switched off and I will add these if I manage to get the site past Google again.

    For any more information, please email:


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    Do you know if/when tapatalk access will be restored?
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    Agreed. I'd love to see tapatalk restored. Any update?
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