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Thread: Article in the WSJ about Bremont

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    Article in the WSJ about Bremont

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    Bremont teaming up to sell through with Mr. Porter according to this.

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    Despite an inaccurate interpretation of the Bremont story... this is fantastic news for Bremont and I wish them all the best with the MR.Porter deal

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    Indeed I hope the Mr.Porter thing goes well.

    Just a personal note, the watches are listed under a heading of 'Fine Watches'.

    Anything marketed as 'Fine' to me has naff overtones of Hyacinth Bucket (or is it Bouquet?). Fine dining, fine wine to me have dainty connutations and one thing Bremont ain't is dainty.

    Use 'Luxury' if you must (although that term is getting very over used these days). Just 'Watches' would do and let the Bremont line up do the talking.

    As I said a personal thing and Mr.Porter and Bremont certainly know alot more about marketing than I do!

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    Looks like Bremont offerings went live in the Mr. Porter site today. I've been over to take a look. It's good to see they have current, London dialed and updated crown/dial logos on all the pictures for each watch. They also pair the watches with different menswear, which is sort of interesting.
    It looks as though this online market will be a good thing for Bremont to expand its footprint internationally.

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