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Thread: 45mm case and new models

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    45mm case and new models

    Hi all,

    I know that the u2 blue is new for this year, but I am wondering if anyone has any idea as to any new models that may be upcoming.

    Do uou think that they will release any other models in the 45 mm case, I love my S2000 case size when compared to my alt1-p.

    I have another purchase in mind and just trying to decide, but if there are any more 45mm case models coming, I will certainly hang on.

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    I certainly hope so. At one point, I owned 5 Bremonts, including a P-51, but I sold them all off partly because I'm not not a fan of watches smaller than 44mm. A 44-45mm watch is the sweet spot for me. The only Bremont that remains in my collection is the S2000 with its 45mm size, which I absolutely love. I too would love to see Bremont release some models a millimeter or two larger, and that would certainly prompt me to buy more Bremonts.

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    The ALT1-C Gold is the only one that is coming up this year. I know of another model which may be released but no press about this means it may still be in development or they'll release as a surprise!

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