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Thread: ALT1TUDE SE - Production schedule

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    i can confirm that deployment works well on skinny wrists, and you may not be on same hole as you would with the pin buckle. You can always ask for a short strap too.
    Okay, just to confirm...if I used the Deployment Buckle on the same hole that I would've used the Pin Buckle, I assume it's going to be more snug/tight correct?

    I know this might be a silly question, but I've had prior deployment buckles where after I put it on the strap (using the same hole), it became more loose instead of snug!

    I also prefer to go with the standard strap since I'm right on the cusp. Thanks!

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    Correct. At least, that's how it worked for me. I'm like you, wish a smaller wrist and thought that on a regular length strap I'd be on the last hole. i decided to order my watch wih a short black leather strap and I have really regretted it since arrival, as the short leaves me with a small nub on deployment. For all my straps since then, I've gotten regular length, which I like much better.

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    Decision made....
    Black Vintage (shorter length)

    Phew, feel like I've run a marathon...

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    Gone for the same option for #2: DLC, black vintage an pin buckle, will look very fine.
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    Thanks for the update out there..

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