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Thread: Vintage Strap

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    Vintage Strap

    I have recently purchased an ALT1 from another member and have been very impressed with the watch (and the following) so I decided to join the forum. Could anyone help with a simple question: Is the vintage strap really waterproof? I have had a Breitling before with a leather strap and a few swims and it was totally trashed. If not any suggestions on an alternative? Thanks

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    No it's not waterproof buddy, maybe a one time only dip quickly just to break it in and shape it about like another member did with his on an s500 I think it's in the photos, looks very nice but if you do anymore, it'll start to crack at the edges... Up to you though you might not mind the look
    The oem leather with the stitching has a slight rubber coating making it pretty waterproof, I had it on the black oem leather all the time with no water problems.
    Take a look on the search for the s500 on vintage or in the photos section

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