I've had a few people interested in the ALT1TUDE Canvas straps and I would like to offer one final run of straps for anyone who doesn't yet have one... Or that wants another!

These straps are handmade to the highest quality, they are near OEM specifications and are designed to fit with the standard Bremont OEM Buckle.

To try and make up the numbers (Ideally I need 5 to make it worthwhile) I'm offering straps at a reduced price of 99 GBP - which includes postage to anywhere in the world.

Strap colours available are:

Navy Blue

For the stitch and leather backing, I am offering the following colours:

Ecru (off white)

Anyone ordering can choose their desired canvas colour, stitch and leather backing. So you can in theory go for different combinations as some of the previous customers have.

Anyone interested in ordering one of these straps could contact me at: hello@alt1tude.bremont.com or send a PM and I'll give it until the end of the month to collect the final orders.

After that, there will be no more made!!

I've provided some photos below of previous straps made to show you what is possible!

The ALT1TUDE SE - Grey canvas & Yellow stitch / Backing 99.00

Grey Canvas, Red Stitch, Red back 99.00

The P-51 Brown Canvas, Ecru Stitch, Red backing 99.00

The EP120 - Black canvas, Red Stitch, Red back 99.00

Green canvas, orange stitch, orange back 99.00

Green canvas, green stitch, green back 99.00

Green Canvas, Yellow Stitch, Red Back 99.00

Green Canvas, Dark green stitch, red back 99.00

Green canvas, Red Stitch, Black backing 99.00

THE MBII TWG - Green Cavnas, Blue back, blue stitch 99.00

Black canvas, black stitch, orange back 99.00

Black canvas, blue stitch, blue back 99.00

Navy Blue cavnas, yellow stitch, yellow back 99.00

Navy blue canvas, Orange stitch, red back 99.00

Many thanks for viewing!