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Thread: Bremont SOLO range

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    Bremont SOLO range

    Greetings all! Enjoy some proper photos of the Bremont SOLO range at last....

    - The Bremont BC-SOLO WHITE was installed on a regular black Bremont strap. The white second hand makes this a very striking combination... Very 'Pure' and elegant.

    - The Bremont BC-SOLO CREAM feels very vintage and of course was installed on a vintage strap. This time a black second hand and lovely markers. We can't help thinking how brilliant this would look with a tobacco / dark brown dial, however black will be a better seller... Maybe next year

    Many thanks to Bremont for allowing us to get these photos taken!

    Both watches are great, especially with the applied indexes which reflect the light nicely... Onto the photos and enjoy..!

    Also please remember these watches are prototypes not the final thing - so they not appear perfect!

    The Bremont BC-SOLO white photos

    SOLO Side Profile:

    The caseback (Which is the same on both models)

    Now onto the Bremont BC-SOLO cream photos

    The vintage style strap is lovely!

    Some random wrist shots

    See the profile on the wrist:

    And both together...

    What do you reckon now? Many thanks for viewing!

    Please note that the conditions for taking the photos weren't that brilliant - so expect some dodgy reflections, lighting, thumbprints etc etc ...

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    It looks very good! On the PR shots I preferred the cream, but judging by your photos maybe the white is a better choice.

    What's your wrist size BTW? It looks quite substantial on you, so I guess your wrist may be somewhere around 6.75 inches perhaps?

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    Thanks TAMAS. Yes the white one looked more complete - maybe it was the strap working better? It would be interesting to see what the vintage looked like on a TAN stitched strap....and I think it would look better on a sand canvas which would compliment the dial. It really is 50/50!

    Wrist size - yep around 6.75 - The watch may look big due to the angle of the photos but it doesn't wear big at all.

    We'll have more photos of this range in a couple of days as well.

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    Hope you guys are having a blast there! That vintage strap is really beautiful!!

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    OK now I can see the difference between the white and cream dials. Prefer the white myself.


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    I do like that now Ive seen the pics, although think Ill wait to see it in the flesh before making my mind up

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    Looking good. Any chance of a close up / crop of the applied / raised triangle or markers please?

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    thanks for sharing.............cream dials is my favorite !!! " VINTAGE " touch....IMO

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    Those are great photos, the difference in the dials show up much more here, I didn’t notice the black second hand with the cream indices before looking just now. Like wise I preferred the vintage look but now, the white second hand does give another dimension to the watch and adds more overall. With a 6.66 wrist too I am encouraged, hope the tobacco dial comes along sooner than later....


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    Great pictures Piers... shame I couldn't make Basel this year..... I have linked some of the great pictures over to my place... sorry for jumping in earlier.... it was late last night..... cheers!


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